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Webinar: Smart Factories - 5 phases of 5G network testing

How do you prepare, deploy and operate a 5G network for smart factories?

The faster, more reactive and fully-connected capabilities of 5G networks enable Smart Factories, part of Industry 4.0, to deliver an agile, adaptable and automated manufacturing and warehouse environment but it also brings increased performance demands to the network such as high availability and ultra-low latency. Join this webinar to discover how accurate and insightful testing at every phase of the mobile network to prepare, deploy and operate Smart Factories enables faster roll out, efficient use of network resources and delivery of demanding Quality of Service requirements.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • 5G Smart Factory technical standards, features and potential benefits
  • 5G network test phases: From spectrum clearance to deployment, optimization and operation
  • Verify demanding QoS, in particular ultra-low latency
  • Learnings for successful Smart Factory operation
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MTS SystemTechnik - RF Emulation 5G

MTS provides tailor-made solutions for high frequency technology, EMC, electronics and mechanics.

Our customers include manufacturers of highly sensitive equipment in the market segments of mobile communications, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, medical, automotive and electronics. Our devices, systems and components are used worldwide by leading, internationally active companies.

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